An institutional agreement was signed with the company Intra Pricing Solutions which will allow members of Pride Partners International™ to access discounts on specialized products that provide essential information to ensure better decision making.

PPI™ reached an agreement with the  European information company Intra Pricing Solutions, to provide its members with exclusive discounts of up to 10% on their tools such as TP-Genie. These discounts allow members of Pride Partners™ who want to make a subscription with this company to obtain an exclusive benefit that provides them with essential information to ensure business decisions.

Intra Pricing Solutions is an independent and specialist provider of transfer pricing and valuation services and related software solutions, with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in Germany and Russia.

Their extensive network of alliance partners cover Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and South and Central America. These partners are well-recognized transfer pricing service providers in their local market.

This agreement is great news for our members; it will allow them in 6 easy steps to finalize their Local Files, Master File and BEPS Action 13 compliant Country by Country reporting (CbCR). The files will be automatically generated including all the necessary attachments: your inter-company legal agreements (SLAs) and your economic analysis benchmarks.

We thank Intra Pricing Solutions for their trust and support to build and maintain a strong and lasting institutional relationship with PPI.