An institutional agreement was signed with Zanders, which will allow members of Pride Partners International™ to access discounts on specialized products that provide essential information to ensure better decision-making and increased efficiency.

PPI™ reached an agreement with Zanders, to provide our members with an exclusive discount of up to 15% on their tools. These discounts allow members of Pride Partners™ who want to make a subscription with this company to obtain an exclusive benefit that provides them with essential information to ensure business decisions and increased efficiency.

Zanders has been 100% committed to providing best-in-class solutions to all our customers in more than 40 countries. Their advisory services are in the areas of treasury strategy and organization, technology selection and implementation, financial and non-financial risk management, including risk modelling, validations and regulatory compliance.

This agreement is great news for our members; it will allow them to create sophisticated searches and analyses while being easy to use, to ensure business decisions and increased efficiency.

We thank Zanders for their trust and support in building and maintaining a strong and lasting institutional relationship with PPI.