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Expertise, understanding, and knowledge required in complex international markets for more accurate valuation services.

International business valuation has become an important issue for decision-making in mergers and acquisitions, transfer of assets, corporate contracts, and disputes between shareholders. Our members understand how economic, legal, and financial systems affect valuation in international markets and therefore, cooperate to determine the value of a company, an asset, or an intangible accurately even in complex or non-transparent markets.

Pride Partners International™ has an international foundation in economics, finance, accounting, and law, as well as experience in business research and analysis necessary to provide proper and detailed services in the ever-changing international valuation environment.

PPI™ members have extensive experience in quantifying and presenting valuation analyses related to intangible assets or business entities. Our highly specialized skills and deep understanding of our clients’ business and industry allow our members to provide integrated strategies that maximize their opportunities while reducing risks.

At Pride Partners we serve as advisors in different scenarios such as:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Dispute resolution
  • Business restructuring
  • Litigation support
  • Compliance
  • Corporate and asset valuation
  • Joint ventures
  • Due diligence

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