Being a Pride Partner means being a part of the elite world of transfer pricing and valuation services.

Membership in Pride Partners International™ makes business much easier with the help of the following benefits:

Why become a Pride Partner™?
  • Training and leadership development.
  • Strengthened local and global interpersonal relations.
  • Development of technical know-how.
  • Fully personalized attention.
  • Resource optimization and business opportunities.

How Can I Obtain a Pride Partners International™ Membership?

To be accepted as a member, every firm undergoes a thorough screening process on application. Each member firm is assessed throughout their membership to ensure that they continue to operate and meet the Pride Partners International™ standard.

How to obtain a Pride Partners International™ membership?

Obtain a PPI™ Membership

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Become a Pride Partner

If you or your organization wishes to become a part of this elite world of transfer pricing and financial valuation services association, please fill out the form, and our executive office will contact you soon.

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Being a Pride Partner means to be part of the elite world of transfer pricing and financial valuation services.

How do we network?

Members of PPI are encouraged to network with their peers to get to know and trust each other, and refer business confidently across the globe. In order to achieve this kind of connection with another member, we have developed three major strategies:

  1. Monthly Webinars & Annual Conference.

    We host monthly technical webinars with world-class speakers that will keep you up-to-date with the most relevant trends and topics in the industry. We also organize an annual face-to-face global conference where you can meet your peers and share valuable information on a two-day event filled with conferences, workshops, breakout sessions, and much more.

  2. Benchmarking Day.

    Knowing your peers is important, but building trust will land opportunities. This is why we proactively promote having more personalized meetings between our members, we help them arrange meetings by connecting a firm that wants to visit another member outside its jurisdiction and share their best practices, meet their leadership team, the firm's office, technology it uses, among other things, and of course, socializing in a different place on earth.

  3. Duo Meetings.

    Duo meetings are a unique and efficient way to connect and get to know your fellow peers at PPI. Duo Meetings are scheduled bi-monthly by arranging virtual meetings between two randomly selected members of the association and putting them together for a 45-minutes' private meeting, so they can go deeper into getting to know each firm's capabilities and establishing common grounds for future collaboration.

Apply for a PPI membership and start expanding your world!