An institutional agreement was signed with the renowned multinational company TaxModel, which will allow members of Pride Partners International™ to access discounts on specialized products that provide essential information to ensure better decision-making and increased efficiency.  

PPI™ reached an agreement with the European information company TaxModel, to provide our members with an exclusive discount on their products. These discounts allow members of Pride Partners™ who want to make a subscription with this company to obtain an exclusive benefit.

TaxModel provides its customers with standardized tax technology in the field of transfer pricing, tax reporting, and DAC6, as well as related services in the area of training, onboarding, technology-embedded transfer pricing benchmarking, and documentation services. Using TaxModel’s solutions will ensure better decision-making and higher efficiency.

TaxModel agreement will offer access to a unique tax technology firm with the broadest standardized technology solutions for international (direct) tax compliance. TaxModel licenses to any size intermediaries and multinationals but also to Big 4, global law firms, as well as fortune 500 companies, among others.

This agreement is great news for our members; it will allow them to create sophisticated searches and analyses while being easy to use, to ensure business decisions and increased efficiency.

We thank TaxModel for their trust and support in building and maintaining a solid and lasting institutional relationship with PPI.

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