We are delighted to extend the free invitation to watch the TPMinds Digital panel discussion of the last week with the opinion and recommendations of our member of London, Paul Sutton, Founder of LCN Legal about "Can you afford not to review your transfer pricing agreements in the COVID-19 environment?"

During the session, they discussed questions such as:

  • Key points to consider when revising TP policies in response to Covid-19
  • The role of intercompany agreements in protecting parent and subsidiary directors from personal liabilities
  • The change over the last 10 years in the attitudes of TP professionals and tax administrations as regards intercompany agreements
  • Practical implications of not maintaining and updating appropriate intercompany agreements, to respond to changes in comparables, business models, supply chains and underlying substance
  • How to balance flexibility in intercompany agreements with the need to document, implement and defend a clear transfer pricing position

You can view the panel discussion here.