LCN Legal is delighted to announce the launch of its new ‘Fast Track’ service for the creation of intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance. Benefitting from LCN Legal’s world-leading expertise in Intercompany Agreements and feedback from a global community of leading transfer pricing professionals, the new Fast Track service is an online platform allowing the production of affordable tailored intercompany agreements (ICAs) within 2-4 business days.

The new ‘Fast Track’ service includes the world’s first document automation tool which enables the creation of bilingual English / Chinese intercompany agreements for the provision of business support services on a cost plus basis.

LCN Legal has also opened a new office in China. The office will provide greater access to the firm’s legal services, training and document automation tools for multinational groups and their tax and transfer pricing advisers within the APAC region.

The new development builds on the firm’s existing connections with China through its co-founder Xiaofang Sutton. The new office is located in Xiaofang’s home city of Xinzheng, Henan Province, China – the birthplace of Chinese civilization with over 3,000 years of recorded history, and now a booming international aviation and logistics hub following the establishment of Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport Economy Zone in October 2007.

The opening of LCN Legal’s China office lends the firm the time zone convenience to strengthen its relationships with friends and contacts within the APAC region. It also marks a new chapter for LCN Legal to fulfil its mission of serving the global corporate and transfer pricing community, by providing market-leading, cost-effective and multilingual agreements to support the transfer pricing policies of multinational groups.

If you would like more information about LCN Legal and its China office, please contact Xiaofang Sutton at

China Office address: Room 1105, Floor 11, Huaxiang Xidu Building, Pioneering Road, Xinzheng City, China (中国郑州新郑市中华北路创业路华祥喜度大厦11层1105室)