Our congrats to our firm in Turkey, Centrum has been shortlisted for the Best Tax Company in Turkey. This is the 5th consecutive year that Centrum is nominated at the International Tax Review (ITR) 2022 Tax Awards.

Centrum Turkey was nominated for Project size, The capacity of a company providing these services to undertake a complex and large Project. Innovation, The company's ability to offer more innovative services than existing companies in the market. And Impact level, as a result of the consultancy services provided by the company, the added value to the commercial activities of its customers and/or the ability of the customers to reach their commercial targets as a result of such consultancy services.

Centrum provides services to many international and domestic companies in the fields of tax, independent audit, corporate finance, internal audit, corporate risk, management consultancy. In addition to the corporate services that it specializes in, it also offers comprehensive tax consultancy and tax compliance services.

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