Our congrats to our member firm  LCN Legal will host an informal lunchtime roundtable discussion on Day 1 of the TP Minds International (June 15th to 17th) conference, on the subject of Intercompany Agreements.

LCN Legal extends the invitation to participate and offering you a 50% discount on the conference. You can book by following this link: https://lnkd.in/dMYYd2f 

In the conference, our member firm will explore key questions challenging practitioners such as: 

- How can MNEs implement their TP policies legally, without creating vast amounts of lawyerish gobbledygook?

- What are the real lessons from Coca-Cola? (apart from the unintelligible arguments about economic theory)?

- Which contractual terms are tax authorities most likely to focus on in a TP audit?

- What should we do if we have large gaps in our Intercompany Agreements?

- Or if we know our agreements don’t match our TP policies?

- How can we ‘future proof’ our Intercompany Agreements?

- How should we manage agreements as part of ongoing operational transfer pricing?