Laiún, Fernández Sabella & Smudt (LFS), is a consulting firm located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed by a team of experts in economics that offers specialized consultancy on tax and transfer pricing to local and multinational companies.

LFS is deeply committed to solving each and every task entrusted to them by their clients. LFS offers comprehensive and smart guidance to meet the rules in force without the oversight of the general context.

The firm offers a long-standing experience, efficiency, and commitment with high-quality services, but above all, their capacity to listen to their clients to understand their needs and each particular situation. They are aware of the difficulties posed by doing business in today’s world and proud to work as expert partners of those in charge of the management and financial areas in each company contributing their knowledge to their decision-making processes.

Their work is based on ongoing training and specialization through a method that ensures constant quality. As a result, each client works together with a devoted team to optimize communication and problem-solving capacities. Technology applied to their work, and thorough supervision ensures their signature high-quality standards.


  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax
  • Valuation




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