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Master in Business Law, Degree in Public Accounting and Auditing, Post Graduate in Management Accounting and Finance, Central American University Jose Simeon
Cañas "UCA"
Member of the National Institute of Tax Law, Former Vice President of the Salvadoran Institute
Public Accountants ISCP - 2007/2010, Former President of the Tax Commission ISCP, (Period 1999-2003), Former Director of the Corporation of Accountants, Public of El Salvador (2003-2004), Period (CCS), Former Secretary of the Association of Independent Auditors of El Salvador (AIDES), Docket No. 720 Supervisory Board of the Accounting and Auditing.

Named "Public Accountant 2004" by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ISCP)


La Institución de los Precios de Transferencia en el Código Tributario Salvadoreño (Libro -2013)


  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax