Sergio is the founder and Managing Partner of Guerrero Santana

Since founding Guerrero Santana in 2003, visualized as a boutique firm of tax, audit, legal and accounting specialists, Sergio’s hands-on approach and ceaseless energy has seen the firm grow into one of the most important groups of its kind in Mexico, located one of the most prestigious financial districts in Latin America, with clients and partners from all over the world.

Sergio is a specialist in financial, audit and accountancy services, tax consulting, management consulting, corporate finance, foreign trade and payroll services, and he is an expert in international tax law, transfer pricing, business strategy and operations, and inheritance law and strategies.

In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities to Guerrero Santana and their clients, Sergio plays a hugely influential role in the international network of professional service providers, Geneva Group International (GGI), where he acts as Latin America Chairperson of the International Tax Practice Group, and Global Vice Chairperson of the Trust & Estate Planning Practice Group.

Sergio is also a regular speaker at international events on international tax and business, and a member of STEP, the worldwide professional association dealing with family inheritance and succession planning. 


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