With over 6 years of experience, 360 Consulting Group is constituted as a Comprehensive Business Consulting, aimed at providing global advisory and business management services to individuals, families and all types of companies or business models; guaranteeing the proper fulfillment of their obligations and responsibilities acquired before third parties, thanks to our assertive legal and financial advice.

Within our services we include advice on fiscal and accounting management; labor, legal, commercial, financial advice; and audit and consultancy in Human Resources, thus basing our service on excellence, dedication and exclusivity towards our clients

To achieve this goal, 360 Consulting Group has a large team of professionals specialized in different areas of consulting, which thanks to their continuous training and more than 20 years of experience in the exercise of their work, make available to each client his commitment and his capacities in guarantee of the achievement of his needs.


  • Transfer Pricing
  • Corporate Tax
  • Legal Services
  • Audit
  • Human Resources




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