Discounts on the biggest TP events around the globe.

PPI™ is constantly working to offer its members special access to the biggest transfer pricing and valuation events, and even the possibility of increasing their international branding by participating in such events as speakers, researchers, or panelists.

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Access to monthly webinars that discuss TP trending topics.

Members have access to our monthly transfer pricing and valuation webinars. These discuss trending topics, such as the BEPS project, transfer pricing policies in Latin America, unilateral actions taken to prevent profit shifting, legal discussions on transfer pricing, and valuation techniques and processes.

All of our webinars are scheduled to start at 16:00 GMT, 9:00 PT.

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Exclusive deals with the most recognized databases in the world.

PPI™ has successfully negotiated with the best database providers to offer its members exclusive pricing on their products.

Members get special pricing on databases that provide them with:

  • Fundamental and market data.
  • High quality, standardized data that allows them to achieve accurate comparable results.
  • Consistent and comparable data across companies, industries, and business cycles.
  • Detailed information on major listed/delisted companies around the world.
  • Financial reports.
  • Royalty rates cum license agreements in transfer pricing, asset purchase price allocation, intellectual property, and business development.
  • Data and tools to determine arm’s length royalty rates and profit indicators.
  • Restated reports.
  • SEC filings.
  • Country profiles and outlook.
  • Detailed stock data.
  • License agreements.

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Access to weekly Transfer Pricing News.

As transfer pricing is an ongoing issue, we must be up to date with what is happening around the world regarding transfer pricing and valuation. News about how a special problem is handled in other countries helps us compare the way we have been working and enhances the value of the services we provide. That is why PPI™ commits to inform its members about the latest facts, occurrences, and updates about TP and valuation worldwide.

Access to many TP articles, case law, and country chapters.

We provide our members with the tools, knowledge, and information they need in order to give optimum transfer pricing and valuation advice to their clients in the form of articles, investigations, case law, news, country chapters, and other research papers. The existing case law and country chapters’ content is updated every time new regulations arise or existing regulations change.

Our team of highly specialized professionals and experts will be in charge of developing the country chapters and writing the articles we share. Our members from all around the world will help us keep the information up to date, which will help PPI™ members upgrade the quality of knowledge and services provided.

Invitation to the yearly PPI™ global event.

We host a yearly PPI™ global event, each year in a different location, in which we discuss and exchange knowledge in person. Our members will be invited to our event and will be able to get exclusive access to every activity undertaken therein. There will be conferences open to PPI™ members only, and others open to public as well. Non-PPI™ members will have to pay an additional fee to have access to the conferences but will not be granted access to every activity taking place during our Global Event.

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Corporate image and website development.

Becoming a PPI™ member entitles you to a free customization of your firm’s website in order to reflect your corporate branding in a professional way.

Adaptation of the look of your site using graphic resources to match the corporate image, cultural background, and activities and services provided by your firm.

Yearly web hosting to keep your site up and running.

  • Improve your corporate image.
  • Strengthen your firm's brand.
  • Add editorial design, multimedia, and press releases to your webpage.

A good corporate image generates positive expectations in your clients

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