An institutional agreement was signed with the company International Tax Bytes (ITB), who created the Weekly Podcast. This agreement will allow Pride Partners International’s™ members to access podcast subscription discounts and exclusive content offered under the subscription.

PPI™ reached an agreement with ITB which consists of an easy-to-watch review and explanation of the world’s important international tax news. This will provide our members with exclusive discounts of up to 50% on their subscription. These discounts allow Pride Partners International’s™ member interested in subscribing to this podcast, to obtain an exclusive benefit that provides them to be at the forefront of international tax news analysis.

The content of ITB is directed towards international tax specialists who are familiar with double tax treaties, common international tax structures, transfer pricing rules, VAT systems, etc.

The agreement is good news for our members; it will allow them to benefit from the content offered on the world’s international taxation news and exclusive access to their newsletter and weekly chapters.

We thank International Tax Bytes (ITB) for the trust and interaction to build and maintain a strong and lasting institutional relationship with PPI.