In February 2024, our association organized the first assembly of 2024 of the LATAM Regional Committee as a meeting point for its members. This committee is an advisory body of the Executive Office, constituted to promote collaboration, the organization of events, as well as networking among members of the region.

It is comprised of representatives of the member firms located in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador, which will allow the constant flow of information on transfer pricing and valuation.

The LATAM Regional Committee meets every six months with the Region's member firms to provide discussion, analysis, promotion of good practices, and exchange of knowledge among members of the LATAM. As well as raising the competitiveness of their firms and considering, revising, and endorsing new initiatives.

We congratulate our members Francisco Arballo, Mexico; Zaira Mora from Costa Rica; Damian Larco, Ecuador; and Gastón Fiorentino from Colombia for assuming the commitment as the first Board of Directors of the LATAM Regional Committee. We wish them every success and trust that the creation of this committee will allow greater promotion and collaboration among our LATAM members, increased business opportunities, and the development of more regional activities.