In November 2023, our association offered this meeting place for members to exchange experiences and learn more about Fiscal Planning in the New International Context in collaboration with the CIAT. At this opportunity, we had José Antonio Garcia Perez, Treasury Inspector of the National Office of International Taxation. Coordinator of simultaneous controls of the AEAT from Spain; Andrea Costa Chaves, Undersecretary of inspection from Brazil; Cristian Reyes, Head of the Transfer Pricing and Valuation area of the International Risks department from Chile.

Also, we had Julissa Mejia, Head of the Transfer Pricing Analysis Department from the Dominican Republic; Emilio Herrera, Internal Rents Service from Ecuador; we had also the participation of Damian Larco, partner at TPAdvice, Even Chi Pardo, partner at Epica Consulting, Francisco Arballo, partner at Grupo Consultor EFE, Luis Ugarelli, partner at Market Facilitators, Raymundo Volio, partner at Bufete Volio and Gaston Fiorentino, partner at IG TP Experts.

It was great to see such a diverse group of professionals come together to share their thoughts and ideas on these critical topics. The event provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, and we look forward to continuing these conversations in the future. On behalf of Pride Partners International thanks to all the speakers, members the attendees, and CIAT.

Our team continues to support our members, as well as their clients, stakeholders, and partners while addressing the challenges of this challenging time at the forefront. And could rely on our agile answer to help with any requirement.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team should you have any questions or concerns. We will continue to create spaces for knowledge exchange amongst our members.