Our association received more than 80% of membership renewals from the five continents, the members' loyalty and support, help us to continuously provide our services with valuable benefits.

These years have enabled us to accomplish many initiatives like the following:

1. We were able to continue expanding our global footprint;

2. We held our different monthly events and webinars;

3. We developed our e-learning center and virtual reality ceremony awards.

4. We promoted the experience of our members in our Global Report 2021.

Every day our PPI team works hard to enhance the niche in which serves, as well as work collaboratively with other local and/or industry-related partner organizations and drive growth and provide value-added benefits to our member firms. We want to thank our members for their continued trust in Pride Partners International.

The early renewal helps us plan for the current year and next year's calendar to develop more and best our digital platforms to strengthen networking and continue constant activity within the association. Again, we thank their support and trust in PPI and our Team!