An institutional agreement was signed with the renowned Spanish house of studies, IE Law School the agreement allows members of Pride Partners International™, to access discounts on registration fees for executive education and masters of their academic offer.

PPI™ reached an agreement with IE Law School to provide its members with exclusive discounts of up to 10% discount on the tuition fees of the Program, if a minimum of two (2) enrolments of PPI members is met; 15% shall apply in the case of three (3) and four (4) enrolments and 20% shall apply in the case of five (5) or more enrolments, in all programs of their academic offer opens permanently available to applicants. These discounts allow Pride Partners International™ members interested in training at this business school to obtain an exclusive benefit that provides them with a quality education at this study center.

IE Law School is a private educational institution of the highest level in Spain, founded in 1997, focuses on innovation, through an educational offer that generates a positive impact on the world. They prepare their students for the challenges ahead, providing them with the knowledge and skills were necessary to achieve success.

The IE faculty is made up of more than 500 professionals who train students of more than 130 nationalities with the aim of promoting knowledge and developing projects that generate a social impact. The more than 60,000 former EI students constitute a global community of professionals of 165 different nationalities who act as EI ambassadors worldwide. In order to highlight the strength of the institution, IE Law School currently has two campuses in Spain: one in Segovia and one in Madrid.

The agreement reached constitutes good news for members and allows them to obtain benefits in various training courses in matters of international taxation or corporate finance in Spain and the world, with exclusive access to the products and services of this house of studies.

We thank IE Law School for the trust and interaction to build and maintain a strong and lasting institutional relationship.