In November 2021, our association served as a meeting point among its members in small meetings with the purpose of exchanging their experiences about the measures and innovations taken by their firms, as well as getting to know each other and their practice and services around the challenges they have taken on in each jurisdiction. Firms from Spain, London, Cyprus, Mexico, Peru, Romania, India, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Italy, Dubai, Colombia, Indonesia, Panama, Morocco, Turkey, Brazil, France, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Algeria, Ecuador, and Chile participated actively.

We again thank you for your participation and again extend our congratulations for your efforts and time in the midst of the pandemic situation to exchange experiences. 

As a member-centric association, we exist to serve you. Now more than ever, we are here to support you, as well as your customers, stakeholders, and partners, as you navigate the unprecedented challenges of these difficult times where safety and health come first. 

You can count on our agile response to meet your every need. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We will continue to generate spaces to promote the exchange of knowledge among our members.