An institutional agreement was renewed with the renowned multinational company S&P Global Market Intelligence which will allow our members of Pride Partners Internationalto access discounts on specialized products that provide them with essential information to ensure the best business decisions.

PPI reached an agreement with the renowned multinational information company S&P Global Market Intelligence, to provide its members with up to 12% discount on S&P Global’s  main products such as, S&P Capital IQ ® and S&P Credit Analytics®. These discounts allow members of Pride Partners who want to make a subscription with this company for the first time to obtain an exclusive benefit that provides them with essential information to ensure better business decisions.

S&P Global Inc. is a US corporation with a global reach that is publicly traded, its headquarters are in Manhattan, New York and its main business areas are financial information and analysis. It is the parent company of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

S&P Global Market Intelligence is one of the leading providers of data, research, news and real-time multi-asset class analysis for institutional investors, commercial investment banks, investment advisors, wealth managers, corporations, and even universities. Subsidiaries include comments and leveraged data.

This agreement represents great news for the members and allows them to be at the forefront of data updating, research, news and analysis of the multi-asset class in real-time.

We thank S&P Global Market Intelligence for their trust and support to build and maintain a strong and lasting institutional relationship with PPI.