An institutional agreement was signed with the company TP Tuned which will allow members of Pride Partners International™ to access discounts on specialized products that provide essential information to ensure better decision making.

PPI™ reached an agreement with the European information company TP Tuned, to provide its members with exclusive discounts of up to 20% on tools such as Reptune. These discounts allow members of Pride Partners™ who want to make a subscription with this company to obtain an exclusive benefit that provides them with essential information to ensure better decision making.

Reptune® contains a highly sophisticated Transfer Pricing Documentation-writer. Its technology is unprecedented in the market. It is designed for coordinating and preparing worldwide, best-practice Transfer Pricing Documentation. Reptune® has sophisticated dashboard features and a user-friendly interface to manage the required data and is a highly cost-efficient solution for both tax advisers and multinationals. Since Reptune® is a web application, it requires no software installation and is suitable for any operating system.

The agreement is great news for our members; it will allow them to coordinate and prepare documentation with just the click of a button and manage your data through a user-friendly interface. Reptune® follows a top-down approach where data management starts from the global perspective of the multinational and drills down to a single group company and its individual functions.

We thank TP Tuned for their trust and support to build and maintain a strong and lasting institutional relationship with PPI.